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Interdisciplinary Team

Our team will be owning your project as if it was one of their own. 

Citrus is a digital marketing agency from Buenos Aires, Argentina 

We stand out for managing the digital presence of companies, businesses and professionals who want to take advantage of the tools of the virtual world to develop their businesses in the best possible way. We count with several years of experience and several clients and projects that support our work.


We seek to provide fully personalized services adapted to the needs of each client. Among other things we do management of social networks, brand creation, management of advertising strategies, email marketing,

web pages and e-commerce


We work creatively and differently from our competition. So that you can differentiate yourself from yours.


You have to have a plan and stick to it. If it doesn't work change it. And if you don't have one, have someone to make it for you.


Reach more people, win customers and generate more sales. Let your business take off once and for all.


A team that guarantees a close relationship, maintaining contact and day-to-day treatment with the client.

Get to know our team!



Graduate in Social Communication, specialist in Marketing and Communication. TikToker.



CEO and founder of Citrus.

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Specialist



Graduate in Advertising. Director of the design and creativity team.

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