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Have a great Instagram Giveaway!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Giveaways and contests are easy ways to attract users to your Instagram profile. However, there’s so many decisions involved in running one that it can be very overwhelming at first. That’s why, if you’re a first-timer or you already did one but you need a little help making it succeed, you came to the right place! Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide that will make your giveaways boost your account’s growth once and for all.

Te damos 8 cosas a tener en cuenta para hacer un sorteo exitoso en redes sociales y específicamente en Instagram
Como hacer sorteos en instagram

1. Define your goals

  • Gaining followers

  • Gaining exposition

  • Gaining visits to your profile

  • Obtaining email addresses to generate a database

  • Promoting a new product

  • Making a holiday themed campaign (father’s day, mother’s day, christmas, etc.)

  • Collaborating with other account

2. Define the prize

Generally we give away products or services that our account offers. Meaning, if we have a clothing brand account, we can offer a piece of clothing as the prize. However, there are many possibilities.

We can give away a new product that’s not yet available for sale, as a way to promote this item.

We can also give away a product of other business complementary to ours, for mutual promotion. For example, a clothing brand can have as a prize not only one of their garments but also a make-up item from another brand, that way promoting each other on Instagram.

Another case can be giving away one of our products with an influencer or referent of our business area. In this case, the giveaway wouldn’t be taking place in our account but in the influencer’s. What we WOULD be doing from our account is promoting the giveaway so that our followers are aware of it and participate. For example, a clothing brand could run a giveaway with a popular fashion consultant.

Some accounts give away discount coupons. This also works because it gives its winner the freedom to spend it in the way they prefer. Though it’s not the method we recommend the most, it can be helpful for businesses that offer services or a wide variety of products.

The last way is giving away products that we don’t sell and have nothing to do with our business. We do not recommend this at all, but it is a possibility and many accounts are doing it. After all, how many sketchy iPhone giveaways from restaurants, gyms, and hotels have you been tagged on already? Right?

What we do have to take into account, whichever way we decide to do our giveaway, is that the better the prize, the most participation we’ll achieve.

3. Define the terms and conditions

What are we asking our audience in exchange for participating? That’s the counterpart of the prize. The more conditions we set on people, the less they’re going to want to participate. On Citrus, we always recommend setting the least amount of conditions possible, and the conditions to be simple.

This will also depend a lot on the goal we’ve set for our giveaway. The conditions wouldn’t be the same if we, say, want to build a database, or if we’re promoting a new product.

Here are different examples of terms and conditions we can think of:

Liking the post: This condition is always encouraged given that it helps the engagement of our giveaway to rise and the algorithm favoring our post, and it doesn’t require a big effort on the participant’s side.

Tagging a friend: Asking the user to tag a friend is the most popular option and with good reason. Even if it involves the user “bothering” their friends, it’s simple enough to do so and it guarantees new people visiting your profile. It’s the easiest way to reach beyond the limits of your account, attracting people that don’t follow you and didn’t know about your business before the giveaway.

Commenting: This condition consists in them leaving any type of comment, regardless if they’re tagging someone or not. It can be useful as it boosts the engagement of your post, positioning it better in the algorithm, given that it costs nothing to comment and everyone who’s interested will have no problem doing so. You can also attract attention by demanding a specific kind of comment, for example asking them to answer a certain question, tell you about themselves, name or talk about their favorite product of yours… -and the possibilities are endless. This alternative can lead to a closer and more authentic bond between the user and your account.

Following the account: Asking for a follow might reduce the participation rate of the giveaway, but it’s a sure way to gain followers if that’s your goal.

Leaving their email address: It basically consists in asking them to write down their email address either in the comments section or through a direct message. It’s a great way to widen your database but since people may be reluctant to share that much information about themselves, it’s important to clarify that there’s no intention to use their account inappropriately. It’s also likely that your prize will have to be big enough for users to agree to this, unless it’s related to an inscription of some sort. If, for example, your contests offers a free cooking class for which the user would need to leave their email to receive further instructions, they might be less hesitant to write it down.

Mentioning in stories: This is one of the most effective options. Though users tend to resist sharing giveaways in their stories, offering the non-exclusive option of doing it and increasing their chances in the contest might go a long way. It’s the option that makes giveaways grow the most and the best if the goal is introducing your brand in a new market or generating a larger reach for a better positioning of your account.

4. Set the specifics

Along with explaining which is the prize and how to participate, it’s crucial to provide all the information that might avoid misunderstandings and give your account the legitimacy and professionalism it deserves. Establish duration of the contest, specific time the winner will be picked, delivery options, and so on.

5. Create the post

Besides designing it nicely and in line with your brand, make sure to include: the word “GIVEAWAY” where it can be seen clearly, the prize either in the form of a picture or written down, and the logo of your brand in the background.

We can also consider making the post a video, instead of a simple image. An image is easier to make and put together, but a great video (well made, that is) can help grab the attention of the user, making him participate and can also provide information itself without forcing the user to read the caption to find it out.

Remember to use the appropriate measurements for the type of post you want to make. If you don’t know what those are, you can check them out on our post "Instgaram Post Sizes" on our Insta profile.

Here’s also a bunch of tools that you might find useful to create quality posts for your Instagram:


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere


6. Post it!

When do we post our giveaway?

If it’s a themed giveaway for a special date like christmas or father’s day, you should publish it around two weeks before to increase sales for that period.

If it’s promoting a new product, we also recommend posting it two weeks before the product’s launch and also announcing the winner the same day the product is released in the market.

If your goal is any other than these, the day and time of posting won’t make much difference. You can always check the statistics on your profile to take into account the day of the week and time that’s best to generate the greatest amount of interactions. It’s important that the most people possible participate in the giveaway immediately after you post it.

If scheduling it for auto posting is something that sounds easier for you, here’s some useful tools for content programming.

7. Promote the giveaway

It’s important to promote the giveaway through stories during the whole duration of it to remind our followers to participate. Without being too annoying, good examples of promoting are sharing the post, talking about the giveaway with videos, polls, interactive stickers and even creating a countdown for the moment the winner is going to be announced.

Paid publicity is also a great option for promoting your post. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment, just enough to redirect traffic to your post and give it a little boost on its first days to generate a higher participation rate. Besides, there’s no better ad than one that offers something to the viewer. Showing them a giveaway that might provoke their interest would be, without a doubt, well invested publicity budget.

8. Pick the winner

The moment of randomly picking the winner should be completely transparent in order to prove the legitimacy of your account. If possible, it’s recommended to record a video of the moment the winner is picked to later post it in your stories, tagging them, not only for them to find out they won but for the rest of the users to find out in a clear way, who was the winner.

Here’s five tools that will randomly select the winner of your giveaway:

Comment Picker



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