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What can Copywriting do for your business?

The art of writing persuasively to achieve your digital business goals.

The short answer to that question is: a lot. Let's start by defining, or at least trying to define, what copywriting is: it’s the art of selling with the written word. It’s a persuasive writing technique in which the reader is induced to perform a certain action. It will depend on the goal of your business, where the copy would be focused.

The average reader, nowadays, is bombarded with information, opportunities, and offers. It’s like a vast ocean, in which it is easy to find many things, and at the same time, very difficult to stand out. In the midst of the changing tides, you need your brand to attract the attention of your ideal client, to set itself apart from its competition.

- Copywriting is what will make people who are surfing the web want to click your title.

- It’s the description in the product file of your e-commerce that ends up convincing the buyer to finally add it to their shopping cart.

- It’s that thing that when you’re scrolling down on your Instagram, makes you go right back and say “what was that?”

It’s not about using difficult words, making poetry, or writing the book of the millennium: it’s about knowing how to choose which words are appropriate to promote a certain business, to differentiate it and, above all, to give it value. To achieve an interpellation and a connection that ends up giving place to your specific goal.

What we do may be incredible, but the content by itself isn’t enough: it’s about how we communicate what we create. And the most effective way is using all the tools that copywriting has to offer, to get the most out of it and maximize the impact and remuneration of your brand.

There are many ways of approaching writing, multiple forms of inspiration, and even more different techniques. But when it comes to generating texts that connect, challenge, empathize and sell, there is a key that one must never lose sight of: the objective behind each text.

The secret to writing valuable content that your potential consumers will want to read, is to write knowing why we do it. If the purpose of your text is to achieve greater interaction in a social network, then it will not be the same as if you want to write a text so that they subscribe to a newsletter. You always have to keep in mind what you want to produce, and that has to be clear to you before you sit down with the blank page. Visualize it. Know it.

Combined with this, I'll give you another great secret not only for writing, but in general: listen to your audience.

Let me start by debunking myths, and telling you that it just isn’t possible to speak to everyone. That advertising rule was then replaced by the idea of speaking to a specific audience, with specific characteristics, who wants to consume your content for various reasons. Assuming that we already know who we are talking to, our buyer persona, target audience, we will have to start listening to what they say.

It is not enough to find them, which in itself may not be such an easy task. We have to get them to interact with us, but above all to tell us: what they want, how they want it, why they want it. Based on that, we can adjust and reorganize what we write: adapt the copywriting of your website because it is not as clear as you think it is, improve the type of services you offer so that they sell more, generate content in your networks that is of value, that contributes to your audience.

There’s plenty of procedures that work amazingly for this, such as:

  • Asking your followers what topics interest them the most

  • Doing surveys to find out if they prefer one thing or the other

  • Chatting with them

  • Being interested in what they tell you

Based on all that, you can write your texts from a caring and intimate place, which is what your potential clients are looking for and they will thank you for giving them. “It is a dance between you and your audience, and if you know how to listen to the music, you have every chance of winning the award for the best dancer. "

If you want to continue learning how to get the most out of digital tools to be able to use them with your business, subscribe to our newsletter.

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